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Developing Mobile application is our business and we empower businesses using our services. We have multiple internal and external projects, we will update our new apps as soon as they are on marketplace or AppStore

Muslim Directory App

iVirtualSoft has Designed and Developed this application for social networking for targeting the business users, navigate to business, religious places, schools and community centers throughout US and Canada. This app has achieved enormous popularity in North America and other parts of the world, users travelling to US/Canada are getting benefitted from this app.

$5 Pizza Lite
Golden Crust Inc., is a Minnesota Corporation doing business as “$5 Pizza”. $5 Pizza is the chain of stores in Twin-Cities. They are one of the growing Fast Food Chain in Minnesota. iVirtualSoft has designed and developed $5 Pizza App for our esteemed client, which has helped our client boost his customers and online/phone orders.

$5 Pizza has launched its first app as "$5 Pizza Lite" which has amazing features like, call to your nearest store right from the the app, search the store from your current location, and map to the store. You can also browse the $5 Pizza Menu.

Our Team of Experienced Developers will work closely with Businesses and provide a product that is error free and impressive.
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